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Learn more about our favourite weight loss program for 2024.
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Weight Watchers Plans offer a flexible, personalized approach to weight loss through a points-based system that allows you to eat your favorite foods while staying within your daily points budget.

These plans address common challenges like restrictive diets and lack of variety by providing a wide range of food options and support tools.

For individuals seeking a sustainable and enjoyable weight loss journey, Weight Watchers provides expert guidance and a community-focused environment to help you achieve your goals.

Discover how Weight Watchers Plans can help you lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Key Takeaways
  • The Weight Watchers 2023 plan incorporates the latest research on nutrition and weight loss, as well as feedback from members.
  • The PersonalPoints system helps people track their food intake and make healthier choices.
  • The focus on non-starchy vegetables encourages people to eat more vegetables and can help them feel full and satisfied while still losing weight.


Weight Watchers New Plan 2024

The Weight Watchers plan for 2024 remains unchanged from the plan introduced in November 2022. The company typically updates its plan every two years, so the next significant changes are expected in November 2024.

The Weight Watchers plan in 2022 was introduced on November 14, 2022. This new plan replaced the Personal Points program and is simply referred to as the Weight Watchers Plan. Here are some key details about the plan:

  1. Unified Plan: The new plan is the same for all members, except for those with diabetes who have a tailored plan.
  2. Zero Point Foods: The zero-point foods list includes non-starchy vegetables, fruits, lean poultry and fish, tofu, non-fat cottage cheese, plain non-fat Greek yogurt, eggs, beans, lentils, and air-popped popcorn.
  3. Simplified: The plan is designed to be simpler, with no earning of extra points for eating non-starchy vegetables or drinking water.
  4. Fitness Points: Members still earn fitness points for being active.
  5. Daily and Weekly Point Allowance: Members are given a daily and weekly point allowance, allowing for balance and flexibility in their diet.
  6. Science-Based: The plan is based on scientific research, with daily point allowances calculated based on gender, age, current weight, and height.
  7. No Deprivation: The plan encourages balance and allows for the enjoyment of favorite foods, with no restrictive rules.

Core Plan: Your Essential Weight-Loss Toolkit


The Core Plan is your one-stop solution for weight management. The plan revolves around the following key components:

  • Science-based nutrition plan: Incorporates the latest nutrition science to guide you toward healthier eating habits.
  • 12,000 recipes: A wide variety of meal options to keep your diet both healthy and exciting.
  • Weight and activity trackers: Monitor your progress with easy-to-use tracking tools.
  • 200+ no-track ZeroPoint® foods: Foods that you can eat without having to track or measure.
  • Barcode scanner and restaurant search: Makes it easier to make healthy choices while shopping or dining out.
  • Supportive community: Access to a members-only digital community for support and motivation.



The Core Plan comes with several pricing options:

  1. 10 Months Plan: $10.00/month for the first ten months, with total savings of $150.00
  2. 3 Months Plan: $15.00/month for the first three months, with total savings of $44.00
  3. 1 Month Plan: A one-time fee of $43.00

Unique Features

  • Weekly behavior change techniques: Aimed at transforming your relationship with food and exercise.
  • Coach-led Workshops: Both in-person and virtual sessions available for additional guidance and support.

WW Clinic Powered by Sequence: When Biology Blocks Weight Loss


WW Clinic offers a more targeted approach for individuals who find it challenging to lose weight despite diet and exercise.

  • Prescription Medication: For qualifying individuals, medication can assist in weight loss.
  • Integration with Core Plan: Uses the WW Core membership and science-backed programs to help you build healthier lifestyle habits.


    Average Weight Loss: Members have reported losing an average of 15.17% of their body weight based on a study of 5,377 members on the Sequence program.

ww premium plan
Weight Watchers Premium Plan Description

Premium Plan

Science-Based Nutrition Plan

WW's Premium Plan comes with a nutrition plan that is rooted in scientific research. The plan is customized to guide you toward healthier food choices, taking into account factors like added sugars, fiber, and unsaturated fats.

Extensive Recipe Database

The Premium Plan offers over 12,000 recipes designed for healthier meal inspiration, significantly aiding you in your weight loss journey.

Advanced Tracking Tools

Equipped with weight and activity trackers, the plan helps you keep a close eye on your fitness metrics. The plan also incorporates a barcode scanner and a restaurant search feature to aid in food tracking.

Support Network

The plan offers a supportive members-only digital community, coach-led workshops, and in-person support from other members. This is in addition to weekly techniques aimed at changing behavior for long-term weight management.

Price and Payment Options

The Premium Plan offers multiple payment options:

  • 10-Month Plan: $19.00/month, total savings of $280.00
  • 3-Month Plan: $30.00/month, total savings of $65.00
  • 1-Month Plan: $65.00 upfront cost

How It Compares to Other Plans

WW's Premium Plan is a comprehensive package that combines technological tools and community support, unlike basic plans that might offer limited features. The extensive recipe database and advanced tracking tools are standout features that offer considerable value for the price.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive tracking tools for a nuanced understanding of your habits.
  • A vast array of recipes to avoid meal monotony.
  • Strong community and coaching support.
  • Multiple payment options to suit different budgets.


  • Higher initial cost compared to basic plans.
  • Requires commitment to fully utilize all the features.

Key Takeaways

The WW Premium Plan is an all-inclusive package designed to offer extensive support in your weight loss journey. It shines in its science-based approach, extensive recipe database, and community support. The various payment options also make it flexible for different budgets.

For those looking to make a long-term commitment to their health, backed by science and community, the WW Premium Plan offers a compelling package.

For more details, you can visit their official website.

Core Features

Regardless of the plan you choose, several core features come standard with all WW memberships:

  1. Science-based Nutrition Plan: WW uses advanced nutrition science to guide members toward healthier eating habits.
  2. Digital Tools: A user-friendly app that includes weight and activity trackers, 12,000+ recipes, and a barcode scanner for easy food tracking.
  3. ZeroPoint Foods: A list of over 200 foods that do not require tracking, encouraging healthier food choices.
  4. Community Support: Access to a digital community and coach-led workshops.
According to WW, members lose 2x more weight compared to going it alone, with an average weight loss of 15.17% for those in their Sequence program.

Plan Options

12-Month Plan

  1. Cost: $23.00/month after the first month
  2. Features: All core features + 6 months free
  3. Total Savings: $164
  4. Best For: Individuals committed to long-term weight loss

6-Month Plan

  1. Cost: $15.00/month
  2. Features: All core features
  3. Total Savings: $68
  4. Best For: Those seeking a medium-term commitment

1-Month Plan

  1. Cost: $43 for the first month, $23/month thereafter
  2. Features: All core features
  3. Best For: Those wanting to test the waters before committing

Pros and Cons


  1. Evidence-Based: Over 140 publications substantiate WW's efficacy.
  2. Flexible: With a Points Budget and ZeroPoint foods, the program is easier to stick with.
  3. Community Support: Members find added motivation and accountability through workshops and an online community.


  1. Cost: Monthly fees can add up, especially without a long-term commitment.
  2. Requires Tracking: Some people may find constant food and activity tracking cumbersome.

How to Get Started with Weight Watchers

Step 1: Pick a Plan

  1. Core Plan Features: Nutrition guidance, 12,000+ recipes, activity tracking, 200+ ZeroPoint foods, community support.
  2. Consider: Your lifestyle (app-only or in-person workshops) and budget (e.g., $15/month for 6 months).

Step 2: Create Account & Pay

  1. Set up your WW account and enter payment details. Use promo codes if you have any.

Step 3: Customize Your Plan

  1. Take a quiz to get personalized nutrition and exercise advice.

Step 4: Use the App

  1. Track food, exercise, and weight via the WW app. It has a barcode scanner and restaurant search.

Step 5: Join the Community

  1. Use forums and attend workshops or events for support and motivation.

Step 6: Monitor & Adjust

  1. Track your progress using WW's Points system. Make changes to your plan as needed.

How to Choose a WW Plan

  1. Budget: Determine how much you're willing to spend.
  2. Lifestyle: Decide if you want an app-only plan or one with in-person workshops.
  3. Special Needs: Consider any health conditions like diabetes.
  4. Commitment Level: Choose between 1-month, 6-month, or 12-month plans based on your commitment level.
How to choose a ww plan

Plan Options

  • 12-Month Plan: Best for long-term commitment
  • 6-Month Plan: Good for a medium-term commitment
  • 1-Month Plan: Ideal for those wanting to test the waters
  • WW Clinic Powered by Sequence: For those needing medical intervention
  • Diabetes-Tailored Plan: For individuals living with diabetes

Weight Watchers Partner Plan

The Weight Watchers Partner Plan is an innovative approach to weight management, enabling two individuals to embark on a weight loss journey together. This initiative aims to harness the benefits of mutual support and accountability. Here are the pivotal aspects of the Weight Watchers Partner Plan:

  1. Core Concept:
  2. This plan is crafted for duos, allowing them to jointly experience the Weight Watchers program, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared accountability.
  3. Advantages:
  4. The plan amplifies motivation and provides a structured avenue for meal preparation and workout sessions. The shared journey significantly contributes to emotional support during challenging times, as highlighted in a post on Ageyn.
  5. Operational Details:
  6. Though united in purpose, each partner holds an individual Weight Watchers membership. They can choose any plan, attend meetings (virtually or in-person), and utilize the app for progress tracking and communication.
  7. Unique Selling Proposition:
  8. The essence of shared experiences is what sets this plan apart. The journey towards weight loss is perceived as more achievable and enjoyable with a partner by one's side.
  9. Additional Resources:
  10. For a deeper understanding and comparison of various plans, prospective members can visit the official Weight Watchers website or explore forums on Ageyn.
  11. Purchase Options:
  12. Memberships can be acquired through multiple vendors, ensuring flexibility and a wide range of choices for interested pairs.
In essence, the Weight Watchers Partner Plan is not just about shedding pounds, but about creating a supportive environment that cultivates lasting habits towards a healthier lifestyle.

WW vs Other Popular Weight Loss Plans

WW stands out for its science-based approach, flexibility, and community support, unlike other plans that may focus solely on calorie counting or restrictive diets.

WW provides a flexible, balanced approach to weight loss that is more sustainable long-term than other diet plans like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and very low-calorie diets. By assigning SmartPoints values to foods instead of eliminating foods, WW encourages eating nutrient-dense foods in proper portions and provides support through workshops and coaches.

Research shows WW results in clinically meaningful 1-2 lb per week weight loss that can be maintained over time, unlike the quick but short-lived weight loss of very low-calorie diets. For most people, WW is an effective option for losing weight in a healthy, sustainable way compared to other diet plans.

What to Do If Weight Watchers Isn't Working for You

Reevaluate Your Goals

Make sure your weight loss or health goals are realistic and achievable. Sometimes, setting overly ambitious targets can lead to disappointment.

Assess Your Commitment

Are you consistently following the plan, tracking your food, and engaging in physical activity? If not, recommit to the program's guidelines.

Consult WW Resources

Use the WW app's features like community forums and coach-led workshops for advice and motivation. You can also reach out to WW customer support for specific issues.

Personalize Your Plan

WW offers a quiz to tailor your nutrition and exercise guidelines. If you skipped this step initially, consider taking it now for a more personalized approach.

Seek Professional Guidance

If you're following the plan diligently but not seeing results, consult a healthcare provider for a comprehensive health check-up. There may be underlying issues affecting your weight loss.

Revisit Your Budget

If cost is a concern, look for promotions or switch to a less expensive plan. WW offers multiple plans to suit different budgets.

Consider Other Programs

If you've tried all of the above and still aren't satisfied, it might be time to explore other weight loss programs that could be a better fit for your needs.

Cancel or Pause Membership

If you decide that WW is not for you, you can cancel or pause your membership according to the terms and conditions.

Remember, weight loss is a gradual process and what works for one person may not work for another. It's important to be patient and willing to make adjustments as you go along.

Additional Resources

For a deeper dive into WW's plans and to see if you qualify for specialized programs, visit their official website.

Note: The costs and features mentioned are subject to change. Always check the official website for the most current information.


Core Membership

WW's Core Membership provides a science-backed plan that makes weight loss enjoyable and sustainable. It includes features like nutrition planning, food tracking, and exercise support. Learn more about the best bread for Weight Watchers and other nutritional insights.

Comparison of WW Memberships and Plans

WW offers various memberships and plans to suit individual needs. The Core 6-Month Commitment Plan is popular, with promotional offers and discounts available. Compare WW with other programs like GOLO vs Weight Watchers to find the best fit for your lifestyle. Understand the Weight Watchers cost and explore the Weight Watchers deals right now to make an informed decision.

Digital Weight Loss Plan

WW's digital weight loss plan is a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Here's what it includes:

  1. Customized Nutrition Plan: After signing up, you'll receive a personalized plan based on your metabolic rate. Explore best fast food for Weight Watchers and other dining options.
  2. Points System and Food Tracking: The exclusive Points system takes a beyond-calorie approach to losing weight. Use the Weight Watchers Points Calculator to track your daily intake.
  3. Activities and Exercise Support: Ease into exercise with fun activities. Sync your fitness tracker and explore FitBreak by Weight Watchers for more support.
  4. Sleep Tools and Support: Get better rest with bedtime reminders and sleep trackers. Understand how sleep affects hunger and weight loss.
  5. Accountability and Progress Tracking: Monitor your food, activity, water, sleep, and weight with trackers and personal progress reports. Celebrate your success and keep moving forward.


Additional Resources

WW offers additional resources to support your wellness journey:

  1. Food & Nutrition: Discover best restaurants for Weight Watchers and where to buy Weight Watchers snacks.
  2. Fitness & Exercise: Engage in fitness guidance and explore options like Hot5 by Weight Watchers.
  3. Support and Community: Join private members-only social communities and explore options like Weight Watchers for couples.


Weight Watchers offers a variety of plans and tools to support your weight loss and wellness journey. Whether you're looking for a short-term commitment or a comprehensive digital plan, WW has something for everyone. Begin your journey today and embrace a healthier, happier life.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

You've learned about the different plans Weight Watchers offers, the core features that come with each plan, and how to get started. Now it's time to take action. If you're committed to a healthier lifestyle and believe WW could be your path to success, don't wait.

Sign Up for Weight Watchers Today and Begin Your Journey to a Healthier You

Remember, the first step is often the hardest, but it's also the most important. Your path to a healthier life is just a click away.

WeightWatchers Clinic's Innovative Weight Loss Approach

WeightWatchers Clinic offers a unique weight loss program, blending prescription medication and lifestyle changes. This method is especially effective for individuals facing weight loss challenges due to biological reasons. Members report an average weight loss of 15% over a 26-week period.

  • Medications Used: Includes GLP-1 receptor agonists like Semaglutide, Liraglutide, and Tirzepatide (weekly injections), and Naltrexone-Bupropion (oral).
  • Insurance Support: The clinic assists in finding cost-effective medication options through insurance.
  • Personalized Care: Program features individualized clinician care and a WeightWatchers membership.
  • Holistic Approach: Focuses on combining medical, nutritional, and lifestyle strategies for effective weight management.

The WeightWatchers Clinic stands out as a holistic solution for effective weight management, particularly for those who struggle with conventional weight loss methods.  Get started with Weight Watchers today.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different WW plans available?

WW offers 6-Month, 3-Month, and 1-Month Commitment Plans, along with a Core Membership that includes digital tools.

How does the WW Points system work?

The Points system combines a food's key nutrients into a single number, allowing for easy tracking and management. Learn about what foods are 0 points on Weight Watchers.

Can I cancel my WW subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, but cancellation policies apply depending on the plan.


How does WW support exercise and fitness?

WW offers exercise support, fitness tracking, and tools like FitBreak to make exercise enjoyable and effective.

Is there a community or support system within WW?

Yes, WW offers private members-only social communities, 24/7 coach chat, and options like Weight Watchers for couples for additional support.

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Unlock The Secret To Sustainable Weight Loss

Noom’s 5–minute quiz unlocks a weight loss program customized for you – now with GLP-1 options – so you can manage your health and form habits that last.

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