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CWhen comparing Noom vs Optavia, users seek to understand which program offers a more effective and sustainable approach to weight loss and health management.

Both programs provide structured plans and coaching, but they differ significantly in their dietary strategies and support systems.

In this article, we'll examine the key features, user feedback, and long-term success rates of each program to help you decide which one aligns best with your health goals and lifestyle.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Noom and Optavia offer distinct approaches to weight loss.
  2. Noom focuses on lifestyle changes and offers a flexible program with a large food database.
  3. Optavia provides structured meal plans with pre-selected meals and snacks.
  4. Both programs have their unique benefits and drawbacks, and the best choice depends on individual needs and preferences.

Noom vs Optavia

  • Noom offers flexibility and a large food database, but does not provide meals.
  • Optavia provides structured meal plans and convenience, but has limited meal variety.
  • Both programs have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, and the best choice depends on individual needs and preferences.
Feature Noom Optavia
Approach Lifestyle changes, psychological principles, and a large food database Structured meal plans with pre-selected meals and snacks
Coaching Personalized coaching based on user's lifestyle In-depth coaching tailored to user's needs
Meal Planning Users are responsible for their own meal planning and preparation Provides pre-packaged meals known as "Fuelings"
Cost A single month of Noom costs $60. An annual subscription costs $199 Pricing depends on the meals chosen. Essential Optimal Kit (5 & 1 Plan®) costs $5.99 per meal
Success Stories Tens of thousands of positive reviews and success stories Success stories available, but not as many as Noom
Customer Service Excellent customer service Good customer service, but not as highly rated as Noom


Noom is a modern weight loss program that combines psychology with personal coaching to help users make healthier food choices. It operates on the principle that behavioral change is crucial for weight loss.

How it Works

Noom's platform uses daily tasks, food logging, and lifestyle challenges to encourage slow and steady weight loss. The Noom app includes a color-coded system to classify foods, emphasizing green foods for optimal health and encouraging moderation for red foods.

A 2016 study published in the Journal of Health Communications found that 78% of Noom users reported weight loss while using the app.

The study also indicated that users who tracked their weight more frequently were likelier to lose weight, suggesting that the app's focus on self-monitoring may be a key factor in its effectiveness.


When evaluating the subscription cost of Noom, the investment appears to align with the potential benefits:

  • A monthly subscription is approximately $59.
  • Opting for a yearly subscription reduces the monthly cost to around $33.

Considering the effectiveness reported by users, Noom can be seen as a potentially cost-effective solution for those seeking a structured program that integrates psychological principles into weight loss.


The success of Noom users was further demonstrated in a 2017 study published in Scientific Reports:

  • 77.9% of participants reported a decrease in body weight.
  • The average weight loss was 7.5% of their initial body weight.

A recent study found that Noom was highly efficacious in achieving significant body weight loss in patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a type of liver disease associated with obesity.

The study found that Noom led to significantly greater body weight loss than standard clinical care (-5.5 kg vs. -0.3 kg, p = 0.008; -5.4% vs. -0.4%, p = 0.004). Another study found that Noom was effective in achieving weight loss in middle-aged and older adults using a mobile lifestyle or diabetes prevention intervention.

Further Research on Noom's Impact

Research continued into 2019 with a study in the British Medical Journal highlighting:

  • Overweight or obese adults who used Noom for 16 weeks lost an average of 7.5% of their body weight.

These findings underscore the importance of user engagement with the Noom app, linking the frequency of logging meals, exercises, and weight with more substantial weight loss outcomes.


  1. Behavioral Changes: Noom promotes behavioral changes and provides support from a virtual coaching team, which can be beneficial for those who struggle with motivation
  2. Flexible Approach: The program does not entirely eliminate any foods or food groups, instead using a color-coded system to promote foods with a low-calorie density
  3. Customizable Goals: Noom allows users to adjust their goals to fit their needs and preferences easily
  4. Accountability: The Noom app offers features that help users stay on track, promoting accountability for their goals
  5. Diverse Food Options: Noom encourages the fusion of a wide variety of foods and flavors to ensure a diverse and enjoyable eating experience
  6. Structured Plan: Noom provides a structured plan along with recipes that are easy to follow


  1. Cost: Noom is relatively expensive, with a monthly subscription cost close to $60
  2. Focus on Weight Loss: The program focuses mostly on weight loss rather than on whole-body health
  3. Limited Nutritional Guidance: While Noom guides meal choices, it does not offer in-depth nutritional education
  4. Requires a Mobile Device: Since Noom is a mobile app, it may not be accessible to those who do not use a smartphone
  5. Virtual Coaching Only: Noom only offers virtual coaching, which may not be as personalized or effective for individuals who prefer in-person coaching
  6. May Not Be Suitable for Certain Individuals: Noom might not be ideal for people who regularly cook homemade meals, those who enjoy cuisines from a variety of cultures, or people who are very active or have increased calorie need
Optavia vs Noom


OPTAVIA is a weight loss and lifestyle improvement program managed by Medifast, aimed at fostering a healthier approach to living. The program combines meal plans, community support, coaching, and a structured system called "Habits of Health" to help participants lose weight and sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Key Features

  1. Clinically Proven Plans: OPTAVIA offers a variety of meal plans that are clinically tested and developed by a team of dietitians, scientists, and physicians.
  2. Fuelings: These are scientifically-developed products designed to be nutrient-rich and low-calorie, aiding in weight loss.
  3. Independent Coaches: Trained individuals guide you through your journey, providing personalized advice and motivational support.
  4. Community: An active social circle of like-minded people offers real-time encouragement and shared experiences.
  5. Habits of Health Transformational System: This is a step-by-step guide designed to instill long-term, sustainable habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Pros and Cons


  • Scientifically backed meal plans and products
  • Access to a community for emotional and moral support
  • Personalized guidance from trained coaches
  • A comprehensive system to adopt sustainable health habits


  • May be cost-prohibitive for some
  • Not tailored to specific medical conditions, so consultation with healthcare providers is essential
  • Some may find the structured nature limiting

Core Philosophy

Central to Optavia is the concept of frequent fuelings to keep the metabolism active and curb hunger pangs. This is achieved through a combination of portion-controlled meals and snacks, collectively termed as "Fuelings."

Optavia Fuelings and Coaching Program

The Fuelings are low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods provided at regular intervals to maintain a steady metabolic rate. Coupled with this is the comprehensive coaching program which ensures individuals are well-guided throughout their weight loss journey. The coaching encompasses:

  • On-Going Assistance: Continuous support to navigate through challenges.
  • Accredited Professionals: Access to coaches with a wealth of experience and accreditation.

Meal Delivery Options and Full Kits

Optavia stands out with its all-encompassing meal kits delivered right to your doorstep. These kits are meticulously crafted to meet the nutritional requirements while alleviating the hassle of meal planning.

Comparison of Noom and Optavia

While both Noom and Optavia aim to assist in weight loss, their approaches are quite different. Noom focuses on lifestyle changes and offers a flexible program with a large food database. On the other hand, Optavia provides structured meal plans with pre-selected meals and snacks.

In terms of pricing, Noom operates on a subscription-based model, with a monthly membership costing around $70. Optavia's pricing structure is based on bulk kits, which may seem cost prohibitive for some.

Pros and Cons of Noom

Noom's approach to weight loss is based on lifestyle changes and psychological principles, offering flexibility that allows users to adapt the program to their lifestyle for more sustainable results. This information is detailed in the comparison on Delivery Rank.

Benefits of Noom

Key benefits of Noom include a comprehensive food database and personalized coaching. The app's color-coded food categories aid in identifying calorie-dense foods, as highlighted by My Greens Daily. Additionally, Noom's variety of recipes ensures users won't get bored with repetitive meals. Success stories, like that of Mary, a new mother who learned healthy eating habits through Noom, underscore the program's effectiveness, a point discussed on Meal Plan Pros.

Drawbacks of Noom

However, Noom does have drawbacks. The most significant is that it does not provide meals, requiring users to manage their own meal planning and preparation, which can be time-consuming. This aspect is further explored in the Delivery Rank article.

Pros and Cons of Optavia

Optavia's structured approach to weight loss involves pre-selected meals and snacks, known as "Fuelings". These low-calorie, nutrient-dense meals aim to promote small portion consumption throughout the day, as mentioned in the Delivery Rank comparison.

Benefits of Optavia

The key benefits of Optavia include its meal delivery service and structured meal plans. The program's menu, crafted by professionals with extensive experience in healthy ingredient use, is noted for its balanced macronutrients and probiotic cultures, an aspect highlighted by My Greens Daily.

Drawbacks of Optavia

Optavia's main drawback is its limited meal variety. Additionally, the cost of Optavia's bulk kits might be prohibitive for some, a point discussed on Meal Plan Pros.


Choosing between Noom and Optavia depends on individual needs and preferences. Noom offers flexibility and a large food database but does not provide meals. Optavia, on the other hand, provides structured meal plans and convenience but has limited meal variety. Both programs have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, making the best choice dependent on individual needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Program is Better Than Optavia?

There isn't a definitive answer as to which program is better than Optavia, as the best weight loss program varies based on individual needs and preferences. However, Noom is a popular alternative that focuses on lifestyle changes and offers a flexible program with a large food database.

What is the Noom Controversy?

There isn't a specific controversy surrounding Noom. However, some users have expressed concerns about Noom's subscription pricing and the fact that it does not provide meals, which can be found in more detail at Delivery Rank.

What is the Downside of Noom?

The main downside of Noom is that it does not provide meals. Users are responsible for their own meal planning and preparation, which can be time-consuming. This aspect of Noom can be further explored on our Noom vs Weight Watchers Review.

Is Optavia Actually Healthy?

Optavia offers low-calorie, nutrient-dense meals known as "Fuelings". Each fueling contains balanced macronutrients and probiotic cultures, as detailed by My Greens Daily. However, some users may find the reliance on pre-packaged meals limiting or less enjoyable than fresh food.

Is Optavia Really Worth It?

The value of Optavia depends on individual preferences. It might be a good fit if you appreciate the convenience of pre-packaged meals and structured meal plans. However, portions are small, and the program can be costlier than other weight loss options, a point highlighted by Delivery Rank.

What is the Highest Rated Weight Loss Program?

There isn't a single highest-rated weight loss program, as the best program depends on individual needs and preferences. Both Noom and Optavia are popular and highly-rated options, each offering unique benefits. More information can be found on Meal Plan Pros.

What is an Alternative to Optavia?

Noom is a popular alternative to Optavia, focusing on lifestyle changes and offering a flexible program with a large food database.

Do People Gain the Weight Back After Optavia?

Data suggests that nearly half of the adults in the United States who attempt to lose weight regain it within a year. However, individual results may vary, and maintaining weight loss depends on factors such as lifestyle changes and long-term commitment to healthy habits. This statistic is further discussed at Patricia and Carolyn.


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Noom’s 5–minute quiz unlocks a weight loss program customized for you – now with GLP-1 options – so you can manage your health and form habits that last.

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Unlock The Secret To Sustainable Weight Loss

Noom’s 5–minute quiz unlocks a weight loss program customized for you – now with GLP-1 options – so you can manage your health and form habits that last.

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