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Weight Watchers vs. Macros: Comparison (2024)

Explore a comprehensive comparison between Weight Watchers and Macro Counting to discern which approach aligns with your dietary goals. Delve into their tracking mechanisms, program availability, and personalized wellness approaches in our in-depth analysis. Make an informed choice towards a healthier you!

Article Summary

Explore a comprehensive comparison between Weight Watchers and Macro Counting to discern which approach aligns with your dietary goals. Delve into their tracking mechanisms, program availability, and personalized wellness approaches in our in-depth analysis. Make an informed choice towards a healthier you!

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Rob's extensive expertise in evidence-based weight loss interventions, backed by rigorous peer-reviewed research, has established him as a credible authority in the field. As a clinical research associate (CRA), Rob has tested new applications for their effectiveness, risks and benefits to ensure that they are safe for consumers.

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Article updated on:

June 20, 2024

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Quick Comparison
& Insights

Weight Watchers may be better for some because it offers in-person workshops and meetings in addition to digital tools, providing more human support and accountability.

Counting Macros
Weight Watchers
No foods are off-limits as long as they fit daily macro targets
No foods off limits
Online macro calculators provide customized macro targets
Group meetings & Coaches
Counting macros fosters nutritional awareness and portion control, aiding predictable weight loss in a calorie deficit.
Backed by clinical research 5% weight loss over 12/m
Involves tracking grams of protein, carbs, and fat daily
Lifestyle changes & modern APP to track WW points
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Counting Macros

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Weight Watchers

Learn more about our favourite weight loss program for 2024.
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Quick Comparison
& Insights

Weight Watchers may be better for some because it offers in-person workshops and meetings in addition to digital tools, providing more human support and accountability.

Counting Macros
Weight Watchers
Counting Macros
No foods off limits
Weight Watchers
No foods off limits
Counting Macros
Online macro calculators provide customized macro targets
Weight Watchers
Group meetings & Coaches
Counting Macros
Counting macros fosters nutritional awareness and portion control, aiding predictable weight loss in a calorie deficit.
Weight Watchers
Backed by clinical research 5% weight loss over 12/m
Counting Macros
Involves tracking grams of protein, carbs, and fat daily
Weight Watchers
Lifestyle changes & modern APP to track WW points
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Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers vs Macros both offer unique ways to lose weight.

Weight Watchers uses a point system to simplify food choices.

Macros, short for macronutrients, involves counting carbs, proteins, and fats.

Surprisingly, these methods cater to different lifestyles.

Weight Watchers provides structured guidance and support groups.

Macros require personal tracking and flexibility with food options.

Understanding these differences can help you choose the best plan.

Imagine balancing between a guided approach and a self-tailored plan.

Learn the benefits and challenges of each method for optimal results.

Key takeaways:
  • Weight Watchers emphasizes a points system, promoting a balanced diet and mindful eating.
  • Macro Counting focuses on the nutritional content, ensuring a balanced intake of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
  • Both methodologies have their set of merits and drawbacks, and the choice between them boils down to personal preferences and lifestyle.
Aspect Weight Watchers Macros
Approach Uses a points system to encourage balanced nutrition. Foods are assigned points based on calories, sugar, protein, and saturated fat content. You get a daily point budget to work within. Tracking grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. You aim to hit specific macro targets based on your goals and activity level. Food quality is emphasized over just calories.
Flexibility Stricter parameters for staying within your points budget. Provides structure but less freedom. Offers more flexibility and customization in food choices. As long as you hit your macros, you can eat a wider variety of foods.
Nutrition Quality Uses points as a proxy for nutrition. But you could technically eat unhealthy foods that fit your points. Focuses more on nutrition quality by balancing macronutrients. You can optimize protein, carbs, and fats.
Long-Term Success Provides short-term structure but may not set you up for long-term success after stopping the program. Teaches skills for lifelong healthy eating based on understanding nutrition.
Community Support Offers meetings, coaches, and an online community for accountability and motivation. Does not have inherent social support, so you must rely on your own discipline.
Cost Requires a paid membership fee to access tools and resources. Can be done for free using online macro calculators and food tracking apps.
Weight Watchers vs macros counting

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers, now branded as WW, is a well-established weight loss program that has evolved over decades. It promotes mindful eating by attributing a point value to foods based on their nutritional content, primarily focusing on calories, fat, and fiber.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals seeking a structured yet flexible diet plan.
  • Those who prefer community support and a guided approach to weight loss.

Key Features of Weight Watchers

  • SmartPoints System: Assigns point values to foods encouraging healthier choices.
  • ZeroPoint Foods: A list of foods that don’t count against your daily points, promoting satiety and balanced eating.
  • Community Support: Offers a robust community for motivation, support, and sharing experiences.

WeightWatchers Clinic's Innovative Weight Loss Approach

WeightWatchers Clinic offers a unique weight loss program, blending prescription medication and lifestyle changes. This method is especially effective for individuals facing weight loss challenges due to biological reasons. Members report an average weight loss of 15% over a 26-week period.

  • Medications Used: Includes GLP-1 receptor agonists like Semaglutide, Liraglutide, and Tirzepatide (weekly injections), and Naltrexone-Bupropion (oral).
  • Insurance Support: The clinic assists in finding cost-effective medication options through insurance.
  • Personalized Care: Program features individualized clinician care and a WeightWatchers membership.
  • Holistic Approach: Focuses on combining medical, nutritional, and lifestyle strategies for effective weight management.

The WeightWatchers Clinic stands out as a holistic solution for effective weight management, particularly for those who struggle with conventional weight loss methods.  Get started with Weight Watchers today.


counting macros vs weight watchers

Macro Counting

Macro Counting, on the other hand, is about tracking the macronutrients - proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that you consume each day. This method gives you a clearer understanding of your nutritional intake, helping to ensure a balanced diet.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals with specific nutritional goals or dietary needs.
  • Those who prefer a more analytical and personalized approach to diet.

Key Features of Macro Counting

  • Nutritional Awareness: Provides insight into your daily nutritional intake.
  • Flexible Dieting: Allows for a wide variety of food choices within macronutrient targets.
  • Customizable Goals: Tailored to meet individual dietary needs and fitness goals.

Macro Counting Apps

Numerous apps are available to aid in tracking and counting macros. Here's a curated list of some of the top macro counting apps based on search results:

  • Cronometer - Known for its detailed nutrition analysis and tracking features, boasting one of the largest food databases. It offers both free and paid versions for varied needs.
  • MyFitnessPal - A widely popular app with an extensive food database. While the free version displays macros, the paid version (at $9.99/month) provides additional features for a more detailed analysis.
  • LoseIt! - An easy-to-use app that syncs with devices for a seamless tracking experience. The free version tracks calories while the paid version (at $39.99/year) also tracks macros.
  • MyMacros+ - Crafted by a fitness professional, it's ideal for beginners and offers custom macro coaching at $1.99/month.
  • Macros - A simple macro tracker equipped with a barcode scanner. It has a free version with ads and a paid version at $1.99/month.
  • Lifesum - Offers tracking for calories, macros, and exercise alongside meal planning features. Free version is available for basic tracking.
  • MyNetDiary - Visualize your progress with graphs while tracking calories and macros. It offers a free limited version for basic tracking.

Key Features

  • Extensive food databases to log meals and retrieve nutrition information.
  • Capability to set macro goals tailored to your individual needs.
  • Barcode scanners for easy logging of packaged foods.
  • Detailed macro breakdowns for each food item logged.
  • Comprehensive tracking of calories and other vital nutrients like protein, carbs, and fat.
  • Engaging graphs and visuals to monitor daily or weekly macro intake.
  • Synchronization across devices for effortless tracking on the go.
  • Reminders and notifications to prompt meal logging.
  • Community forums for support, recipe ideas, and shared experiences.
Multiple studies show Weight Watchers members lose significantly more weight after 1 year compared to those using self-help methods like macro counting apps. The structured community support also helps members develop healthy habits that last, with 63% maintaining their weight loss 2 years later.

Comparing the Pros and Cons

Evaluating the merits and demerits of these dietary approaches can provide a clearer perspective on what might work best for you.

AspectWeight WatchersMacro Counting
StructureStructured with a flexible points system.Flexible with macronutrient targets.
Nutritional BalancePromotes a balanced diet.Ensures balanced nutritional intake.
Community SupportRobust community support.Online communities available.
CostSubscription-based.Free or low-cost tracking apps.

Tracking Mechanisms

Weight Watchers Tracking

The hallmark of Weight Watchers is its SmartPoints system, which assigns point values to foods based on their nutritional profile. This system nudges individuals towards making healthier food choices, aligning with their daily point allocation.

  • Ease of Tracking: With a simple-to-use app and a barcode scanner for quick point calculations, tracking food intake becomes quite straightforward.
  • Food Database: A vast food database with pre-calculated points eases the tracking process.

Macro Counting Tracking

Conversely, Macro Counting requires individuals to track the macronutrients—proteins, fats, and carbohydrates—of every food item they consume. This approach necessitates a more granular level of tracking.

  • Nutritional Awareness: Tracking macros enhances nutritional awareness, enabling individuals to understand the nutrient distribution in their diet.
  • Flexible Dieting: Offers a higher degree of flexibility as it doesn’t restrict food types, only the macronutrient quantities.
Macro counting can be confusing and tedious to sustain daily. But with Weight Watchers, you'll get personalized coaching, group support, and a flexible points system—all scientifically designed for long-term weight loss success.

Program Availability

Weight Watchers Program Availability

Weight Watchers provides a structured program with varying levels of membership, offering personalized plans, community support, and expert guidance.

  • Membership Tiers: Different tiers of membership provide varying levels of support and resources.
  • Community Support: Access to a thriving community for motivation and shared experiences.

Macro Counting Program Availability

Macro Counting, on the other hand, doesn’t adhere to a structured program but relies on numerous free and paid apps for tracking and guidance.

  • App Availability: A plethora of apps available for macro tracking, each with its own set of features.
AspectWeight WatchersMacro Counting
Program StructureStructured with membership tiers.Flexible, dependent on app features.
Community SupportAvailable through membership.Dependent on individual app communities.
CostSubscription-based.Free or paid apps.

Personalized Approach to Wellness

Both Weight Watchers and Macro Counting cater to personalization but in different spectrums. Weight Watchers aligns a personalized plan with its point system, whereas Macro Counting allows for personalized macronutrient targets based on individual goals.

Weight Watchers Counting Macros
Overview Assigns point values to foods that you tally up daily to meet your personalized budget. ZeroPoint foods have 0 points. Calculates individualized protein, carb, and fat gram goals based on your stats and goals. Aim to hit your macro targets daily.
Pros - Flexible, no foods off limits - Ensures adequate protein, carbs, and fat intake
Cons - Can promote unhealthy behaviors - Time consuming to track and tally points
Who It's Best For - People who want structure and guidance - Social people who benefit from group support and accountability
Bottom Line A structured, social program that teaches healthy habits. But the focus is scale weight loss without macro optimization. A more meticulous system that allows macro manipulation for body composition goals. But requires planning and tracking devotion.

We Recommend Weight Watchers

Ready to embark on a transformational journey towards a healthier you? Weight Watchers (WW) offers a robust platform that not only guides you through a personalized weight loss plan but also provides a supportive community to motivate you every step of the way. With its intuitive SmartPoints system, you're encouraged to make healthier food choices while enjoying the foods you love. The blend of structure and flexibility makes WW a suitable choice for anyone looking to improve their dietary habits sustainably.

Explore the varied plans WW offers and find the one that resonates with your lifestyle and goals. Your journey towards a balanced and fulfilling dietary lifestyle is just a click away. Embrace the change, witness the transformation!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the macros for Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers does not have specific macro targets or recommendations. It focuses on a points system based on calories, saturated fat, protein, and sugar. Users are given a daily point budget to spend however they would like.

Is it better to count calories or macros to lose weight?

Both calorie and macro counting can be effective for weight loss. Counting macros may help some people be more mindful of nutrition quality and protein intake. But ultimately, a calorie deficit is needed to lose weight, regardless of whether you track calories or macros. There is no clear evidence that one method is better than the other. Choose the approach that fits your preferences and lifestyle.

Should I do Weight Watchers or Myfitnesspal?

Weight Watchers provides more structure, recipes, community support, and coaching options compared to MyFitnessPal. But MyFitnessPal is free and offers more flexibility in tracking macros. Weight Watchers may be better for those wanting a more comprehensive program. MyFitnessPal works well if you just need basic food/exercise tracking.

Is tracking macros the best way to lose weight?

Tracking macros can help some people lose weight by increasing protein intake, which helps with satiety. But it is not necessarily better than other methods. The best approach depends on individual factors like your relationship with food, ability to track diligently, and need for structure/flexibility. Tracking macros works well for some but not all.

How many carbs does Weight Watchers allow per day?

Weight Watchers does not set specific carb limits. The points system indirectly limits carbs by assigning higher points to foods higher in carbs and sugar. But there is flexibility in how users can distribute carbs/points throughout their day.

How many calories a day does Weight Watchers recommend?

Weight Watchers provides a personalized daily SmartPoints budget based on details like height, weight, age and activity level. The calorie level usually ranges from 1200-1600 calories per day for women and 1600-2000 for men, but can go higher or lower based on individual factors.

What happens if I hit my macros but not calories?

If you hit your macro targets but not your calorie target, you will likely lose weight, as weight loss still requires an overall calorie deficit. However, restricting calories too much long-term may have negative effects like slowed metabolism, loss of muscle mass, fatigue, and nutrient deficiencies. A moderate calorie deficit is recommended.

What is the best macro ratio to lose weight?

For weight loss, a moderate carb (40-50%), moderate protein (30-35%) and moderate fat (15-25%) ratio is generally recommended. A higher protein intake helps preserve muscle and increase satiety during weight loss. The exact ratio should be tailored to individual needs and food preferences.

What should a woman's macros be to lose weight?

A good starting point for a woman trying to lose weight would be:

  • Protein: 0.8-1g per pound of body weight
  • Carbs: 1.5-2.5g per pound of body weight
  • Fat: 0.3-0.5g per pound of body weight

This would provide a moderate deficit with enough protein to preserve muscle mass. The ratios can be adjusted as needed.

How much protein should I eat on Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers does not prescribe specific protein targets. Most nutrition experts recommend eating 0.8-1g of protein per pound of body weight daily for satiety and muscle retention, regardless of weight loss plan. On Weight Watchers, lean proteins like chicken, fish, eggs, and Greek yogurt are zero or low points, making it easy to get adequate protein.

What should my Weight Watchers goal weight be?

The healthy Weight Watchers goal weight will depend on your height, body frame size, age, and other factors. A good target is to aim for a BMI in the normal range of 18.5-24.9. You can use a BMI calculator to estimate your goal weight range based on your height. Adjust the goal as needed based on your body composition, muscle mass, and personal health factors.

How do I figure out my macros?

Here are the basic steps to determine your macro targets:

  1. Estimate your calorie needs based on your age, activity level, height and goals.
  2. Choose a carb-protein-fat ratio that suits your preferences and goals. Common starting points are 40/30/30 or 50/30/20.
  3. Multiply your total calories by the macro percentages to get your daily macro grams.
  4. Adjust as needed based on your response and progress. Macro calculators can provide starting points.

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