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When comparing Noom vs Lose It, users seek to understand which app offers a more effective and user-friendly approach to weight loss and healthy living.

Both apps provide personalized plans and tracking tools, but they differ in their methodologies and user experiences.

In this article, we'll delve into the core features, user feedback, and long-term success rates of each app to help you determine which one aligns best with your health and weight loss goals.


When I'm exploring the landscape of weight loss apps, Noom and Lose It stand out not just for their popularity but for their distinct methodologies in aiding weight loss. Understanding the essence of each app is paramount when choosing the right tool for my weight loss journey.


Noom: A Psychology-Based Wellness App

Noom stands out in the wellness industry with its psychology-based approach, focusing on long-term lifestyle changes. Unlike traditional weight loss programs, Noom delves deep into the psychological aspects of eating and exercising. This method is designed to alter behavior patterns for sustainable health improvements.

  • Long-Term Lifestyle Focus: Noom aims for lasting lifestyle modifications rather than just short-term weight loss solutions.
  • Mental Approach to Eating and Exercise: The app concentrates on the mental aspects of eating habits and physical activity to foster behavior change.
  • Educational Aspect: Noom educates users about their relationship with food, enhancing their ability to make healthier choices.
  • Color-Coded Food System: Foods are assigned colors (green, yellow, red) based on calorie density and nutritional content, guiding users to make balanced food choices.
lose it vs noom

Lose It: A User-Friendly Calorie Counting App

Lose It is a streamlined calorie counting app designed to simplify the weight loss journey. Its primary focus is on helping users meticulously track their food intake through an expansive food database. The app stands out for its ease of use, avoiding the complexity often associated with weight loss programs.

  • Simple and Straightforward: Lose It is known for its user-friendly interface, making the process of tracking food intake hassle-free.
  • Extensive Food Database: The app offers a comprehensive database, allowing users to accurately log every food item consumed.
  • Calorie Tracking Principle: It operates on the basic principle of balancing calories consumed versus calories burned.
  • Community Support: Lose It provides not just food logging but also community support, which can greatly enhance motivation.
  • Daily Calorie Budget: The app assists in maintaining a daily calorie budget to help users achieve their weight loss objectives.

Key Features of Noom

Personal Coaching: One standout feature of Noom is the personal coaching I get. It's not just about tracking food; it's about ongoing support from a real person who understands my struggles and triumphs.

  • Psychology-Based Lessons: Noom provides daily lessons that are intended to reshape my thinking and, consequently, my eating behaviors. These mini-courses cover topics vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Food Logging: Noom's food logging is nuanced, with a color-coded system that gently guides healthier choices rather than imposing strict restrictions.
  • Physical Activity Tracking: I can also keep tabs on my exercise routine within the app, adding another layer to my overall health management.

Key Features of Lose It

Calorie Tracking Made Simple: Lose It simplifies calorie counting with barcode scanning and a vast food database; it encourages me to be more accountable for what I eat.

  • Custom Weight Loss Plan: When I first sign up, I'm asked to provide details about my weight loss goals, which Lose It uses to create a personalized diet plan.
  • Community Support: The app has a social aspect where users can join challenges and share successes, providing a sense of camaraderie on my weight loss journey.
  • Integration: Lose It can sync with other apps and devices, ensuring all my health data is in one convenient place.

Noom and Lose It tackle weight loss from different angles, but both share the mission of helping individuals like me find a sustainable path to a healthier life. By delving into the psychology of eating or focusing on the discipline of calorie counting, each app offers unique tools that cater to various needs and preferences. This variety in approaches allows me to tailor my weight loss strategy to what resonates best with my lifestyle and goals.

Comparing Noom and Lose It

Category Noom Lose It
Pricing Tiered subscription: ~$59/month or ~$199/year after free trial. Free version; Premium: ~$39.99/year.
User Interface and Design Intuitive, colorful, easy navigation. User-friendly, clean, focuses on tracking.
Food Tracking Color system for food categorization, educational. Focus on caloric intake, extensive database, barcode scanner.
Exercise Tracking Logs various exercises, estimates calories burned. Facilitates logging, syncs with fitness apps/devices.
Coaching and Support Personal coaching, individualized feedback. No personalized coaching, robust community support.
Accountability and Motivation Daily weigh-ins, activity logging, coaching interaction. Community and social engagement features.
Community and Social Features Group chat feature, moderated by a coach. Active user base, challenges, forums.

Pros and Cons of Noom and Lose It

Aspect Pros of Noom Cons of Noom Pros of Lose It Cons of Lose It
Approach Psychological approach to weight loss, with daily educational materials and quizzes. Cost can be high, less hands-on coach support. Emphasis on caloric tracking, user-friendly interface. Less focus on psychological aspects, limited features in free version.
Coaching Personalized coaching from certified coaches. Varying interaction levels with coaches. Community features for social support. No personal coaching.
Food Choices Color-coded system for healthy food choices. Requires time investment for content engagement. Comprehensive food database with barcode scanner. ---
Accessibility --- --- Free version is robust, premium version affordable. ---

Comparing Noom and Lose It for Weight Loss

Deciding between Noom and Lose It is a matter of matching the app to your personal preferences and weight loss goals. Noom stands out for its comprehensive, psychology-based approach and personalized coaching, making it ideal for those seeking tailored guidance and a focus on lasting changes.

However, it comes with a higher price tag. In contrast, Lose It excels in offering a straightforward, user-friendly calorie tracking system. Its free version is robust, and the premium upgrade is affordable, appealing to those who want an effective, budget-friendly solution. Ultimately, the best app for you is one that aligns well with your lifestyle and aids in achieving your health objectives.

Key Points

  • Noom: Comprehensive, psychology-based approach, Personalized coaching. Higher cost, but focuses on lasting changes.
  • Lose It: Simple, easy-to-use calorie tracking, Free version available, affordable premium upgrade, Ideal for budget-conscious users.
  • Choice Criteria: Align the app with your lifestyle and health goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which weight loss app is more affordable, Noom or Lose It?

Noom offers subscriptions ranging from $59 per month to $199 per year, while Lose It provides a free version and a premium version at around $39.99 annually. Lose It is generally more affordable, especially with the free option.

Do both Noom and Lose It have food tracking features?

Yes, both apps include food tracking features. Noom categorizes foods based on calorie density and nutritional value, whereas Lose It focuses on caloric intake and includes a barcode scanner.

How do Noom and Lose It differ in their exercise tracking capabilities?

Both Noom and Lose It allow users to track their exercise and provide estimated calorie burns. The specifics of how each app tracks and provides feedback on exercise may vary but they share these basic functionalities.

Does Noom provide personal coaching?

Yes, Noom offers personal coaching and support from certified coaches, which is part of what sets it apart from many other weight loss apps.

Is there a community aspect in both Noom and Lose It?

Yes, both apps offer community features. Noom includes a group chat feature moderated by a coach, while Lose It has a more extensive community with challenges and forums.

What are the main advantages of Noom?

Noom's main advantages are its psychological approach to weight loss, personalized coaching, and a focus on making healthy food choices.

Does Lose It offer any type of coaching or personalized support?

Lose It does not offer personalized coaching like Noom does. However, it offers community support through its challenges and forums.

Can users use Lose It for free?

Yes, Lose It has a robust free version available to users, in addition to its premium version for those seeking additional features.

Which app is better for tracking calories?

Lose It may be more suited for users focused purely on caloric tracking due to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive food database.


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Unlock The Secret To Sustainable Weight Loss

Noom’s 5–minute quiz unlocks a weight loss program customized for you – now with GLP-1 options – so you can manage your health and form habits that last.

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