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Editorial Process.

Our Editorial Process

It is essential that our content is trustworthy and dependable in order to assist you in making the right decisions for your health. Thus, our goal is to give you precise, understanding, and achievable health data so that you can make the most suitable choice for your well-being. The validity of our information is highly important to us. That is why it is vital to explain how we create our material to aid you in selecting the best options for your health.

Our writers are experienced clinical research specialists

We take pride in providing credentialed health experts and professionals with specific expertise in the medical arena. Our authors comprehend the facts and recent investigations; they provide the information you are searching for in a balanced, straightforward way.

We rely on diverse voices

Our ambition is to deliver fact-filled health data to all persons regardless of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, faith, culture, and capability. We are devoted to producing material that encompasses a range of backgrounds and life experiences. We don't avoid discussing health discrepancies between various groups, and we understand that a person's journey when it comes to their health can be quite different from someone else from a different group. All experiences should be portrayed in our material.

Our editorial team is made up of experienced professionals.

Every article goes through a thorough review by our top-notch editors who have a solid background in health journalism. We make sure that our content and our editors are not influenced by any advertisements or sponsors. We are committed to accuracy, empathy, inclusivity, and using plain language when tackling any issue.

Medical experts review our content

Our team of board-certified physicians and other medical experts review content for medical accuracy, relevance, and timeliness. A medical expert will confirm a piece of content is thorough and contains facts and guidelines that reflect the latest in research. When the content meets these standards, they will sign off on it. When we publish it on our site, you’ll see their name and “reviewed by” under the headline, so you know an expert in that field has approved it.

We conduct an examination of all references and documentation

Our editorial and fact-checking team review research journals, government websites, and medical organizations to authenticate facts, claims, statistics, and advice given in our content. When they are certain of the accuracy of the statement or data, they will add a link to the source or cite it in the article. This will enable you to view the original source of the information and be assured that it is reliable.

We update our content

We take great care to make sure our health and wellness content is accurate and up-to-date. To ensure the quality of our content, we regularly review and revise it to address the current questions people have and meet the higher standards we've set.

Affiliate Disclaimer

At Ageyn, we are committed to providing accurate and trustworthy health information to empower your well-being decisions. We want to be transparent with our readers and explain how we sustain our platform. It's important to note that some of the links you may find on our website are affiliate links.

What this means is that, at no additional cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase or take an action after clicking on an affiliate link. This commission helps support our efforts in researching, creating, and maintaining high-quality health content.

We want to emphasize that our editorial integrity remains paramount. We only recommend products, services, or resources that align with our mission and that we genuinely believe can benefit your health journey. The decision to purchase or engage with any affiliate-linked content is entirely yours, and we encourage you to make informed choices based on your individual needs.

Your trust is of utmost importance to us, and we are dedicated to providing you with reliable, unbiased, and valuable health information. If you have any questions about our affiliate links or our editorial process, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Remember that Ageyn's content is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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