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Quick Comparison
& Insights

Weight Watchers (WW) may be preferred over Noom due to its flexibility, affordability, and community support.

Weight Watchers
$60/month, discounts for longer subscriptions.
Doesn't restrict foods, using a color-coded system to guide food choices
No foods off limits
One-on-one coaching, group support, and educational content
Group meetings & Coaches
80% of users losing weight in one study
Backed by clinical research 5% weight loss over 12/m
Behavioral changes like managing stress and understanding motivations
Lifestyle changes & modern APP to track WW points
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Weight Watchers

Learn more about our favourite weight loss program for 2024.
Start Weight Watchers today for only $10 per month.
Quick Comparison
& Insights

Weight Watchers (WW) may be preferred over Noom due to its flexibility, affordability, and community support.

$60/month, discounts for longer subscriptions.
Weight Watchers
No foods off limits
Weight Watchers
No foods off limits
One-on-one coaching, group support, and educational content
Weight Watchers
Group meetings & Coaches
80% of users losing weight in one study
Weight Watchers
Backed by clinical research 5% weight loss over 12/m
Behavioral changes like managing stress and understanding motivations
Weight Watchers
Lifestyle changes & modern APP to track WW points
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Weight Watchers

As individuals embark on their weight loss journey, the debate between Noom and Weight Watchers (WW) often emerges. You can get your free Noom trial here.

Both programs promise to help you lose weight through unique philosophies and tools that foster long-term weight management.

This article delves into each program, comparing their features, effectiveness, and user experience to guide you in choosing the diet program that aligns with your weight loss goals.

Key Takeaways:
  • Noom and WW both offer comprehensive weight loss programs, but they differ in approach and tools.
  • Cost comparison reveals that Noom may be pricier than WW, depending on the plan.
  • Both have mobile apps with food tracking, but Noom categorizes foods as green, yellow, or red to indicate healthfulness.
  • Success in long-term weight loss depends on adherence and the sustainability of the diet program.

Overview of Noom

Noom is a modern weight loss program that combines psychology with personal coaching to help users make healthier food choices. It operates on the principle that behavioral change is crucial for weight loss.

How it Works

Noom's platform uses daily tasks, food logging, and lifestyle challenges to encourage slow and steady weight loss. The Noom app includes a color-coded system to classify foods, emphasizing green foods for optimal health and encouraging moderation for red foods.

A 2016 study published in the Journal of Health Communications found that 78% of Noom users reported weight loss while using the app.

The study also indicated that users who tracked their weight more frequently were likelier to lose weight, suggesting that the app's focus on self-monitoring may be a key factor in its effectiveness.


When evaluating the subscription cost of Noom, the investment appears to align with the potential benefits:

  • A monthly subscription is approximately $59.
  • Opting for a yearly subscription reduces the monthly cost to around $33.

Considering the effectiveness reported by users, Noom can be seen as a potentially cost-effective solution for those seeking a structured program that integrates psychological principles into weight loss.


The success of Noom users was further demonstrated in a 2017 study published in Scientific Reports:

  • 77.9% of participants reported a decrease in body weight.
  • The average weight loss was 7.5% of their initial body weight.

A recent study found that Noom was highly efficacious in achieving significant body weight loss in patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a type of liver disease associated with obesity.

The study found that Noom led to significantly greater body weight loss than standard clinical care (-5.5 kg vs. -0.3 kg, p = 0.008; -5.4% vs. -0.4%, p = 0.004). Another study found that Noom was effective in achieving weight loss in middle-aged and older adults using a mobile lifestyle or diabetes prevention intervention.

Further Research on Noom's Impact

Research continued into 2019 with a study in the British Medical Journal highlighting:

  • Overweight or obese adults who used Noom for 16 weeks lost an average of 7.5% of their body weight.

These findings underscore the importance of user engagement with the Noom app, linking the frequency of logging meals, exercises, and weight with more substantial weight loss outcomes.


  1. Behavioral Changes: Noom promotes behavioral changes and provides support from a virtual coaching team, which can be beneficial for those who struggle with motivation
  2. Flexible Approach: The program does not entirely eliminate any foods or food groups, instead using a color-coded system to promote foods with a low-calorie density
  3. Customizable Goals: Noom allows users to adjust their goals to fit their needs and preferences easily
  4. Accountability: The Noom app offers features that help users stay on track, promoting accountability for their goals
  5. Diverse Food Options: Noom encourages the fusion of a wide variety of foods and flavors to ensure a diverse and enjoyable eating experience
  6. Structured Plan: Noom provides a structured plan along with recipes that are easy to follow


  1. Cost: Noom is relatively expensive, with a monthly subscription cost close to $60
  2. Focus on Weight Loss: The program focuses mostly on weight loss rather than on whole-body health
  3. Limited Nutritional Guidance: While Noom guides meal choices, it does not offer in-depth nutritional education
  4. Requires a Mobile Device: Since Noom is a mobile app, it may not be accessible to those who do not use a smartphone
  5. Virtual Coaching Only: Noom only offers virtual coaching, which may not be as personalized or effective for individuals who prefer in-person coaching
  6. May Not Be Suitable for Certain Individuals: Noom might not be ideal for people who regularly cook homemade meals, those who enjoy cuisines from a variety of cultures, or people who are very active or have increased calorie need

Overview of WW

Weight Watchers, now known simply as WW, has been a trusted weight loss community for decades. WW uses a points system to guide users toward healthy eating patterns.

How it Works

WW's approach is based on a point value system, assigning points to foods based on nutritional content. It aims to make losing weight flexible by allowing members to eat what they want within their point allocation.


  • Weight Watchers core plan starts at $23/month, premium plan starts at $43/month
  • 6-12 month commitments offer significant savings
  • Promotions are offered weekly that offer discounts like $10/month, $5/month or six months free.


  1. Comprehensive Approach: WW takes a holistic approach to weight loss, focusing not just on diet, but also on physical activity and mindset. This can lead to more sustainable lifestyle changes.
  2. Flexibility: The points-based system allows for flexibility in food choices, making it easier to adapt to different dietary preferences and lifestyles.
  3. Community Support: WW offers a strong community support system, including in-person meetings and online forums. This can provide motivation and accountability, which are key for long-term weight loss success.
  4. Scientifically Backed: The effectiveness of the WW program is supported by numerous scientific studies. For example, a study published in The Lancet found that people on the WW program lost more weight than those who received standard care from their primary care doctor.


  1. Cost: The program requires a monthly subscription, which can be a barrier for some people. The cost varies depending on the level of support you choose, but it can add up over time.
  2. Time-Consuming: Tracking points for every meal can be time-consuming and may feel restrictive for some people.
  3. Not Ideal for Certain Dietary Needs: While the program is flexible, it may not suit everyone. For example, it may be challenging for people with certain dietary restrictions or needs, such as those with food allergies or those following a vegan or gluten-free diet.
  4. Reliance on Processed Foods: While WW promotes healthy eating, it also sells its own processed foods. These foods can be high in sodium and may not be the healthiest choice.

Comparing Noom and Weight Watchers' Effectiveness

Noom's Weight Loss Success: Research into Noom reveals impressive statistics for users engaged with the app:

  • 77.9% of users experienced weight reduction.
  • Average weight loss was 7.5% of initial body weight over varied time frames.

The studies emphasized active engagement in the app's tracking features as a catalyst for weight loss, with the British Medical Journal study showing a significant 7.5% weight loss after 16 weeks of consistent app use.

Weight Watchers (WW) Outcomes: On the other hand, Weight Watchers presents a mixed yet positive picture:

  • Short-term studies show an average weight loss of 4.6% over 12 weeks.
  • Long-term results are promising, with 50% of participants maintaining at least 5% weight loss one year after program cessation.

Comparatively, WW's strength lies in community and consistent support:

  • The rate of success increases with frequent meeting attendance and high self-efficacy.
  • It seems to serve better those not significantly overweight to start with.

Long-Term Efficacy: While Noom users report a higher average percentage of weight loss in the short term, WW's support system appears to offer better long-term weight maintenance options. Half of the WW participants managed to maintain significant weight loss after a year.

Self-Guided vs. Structured Program Success: WW particularly outshines self-guided dieting, with participants losing up to five times more weight, highlighting the advantage of structured support.

Noom's Impact on Weight Management

Noom's approach to weight loss is rooted in psychological methods that help people lose weight by changing their relationship with food. Studies have shown Noom to be effective for short-term weight loss, and many users report successful weight loss when following the program as directed.

noom vs ww

Weight Watchers' Success Rate

According to a collection of studies, between 25 to 65 out of 100 people were able to lose at least 5% of their starting weight while on Weight Watchers for 12 weeks to a year. This shows that Weight Watchers can work for many people, although the success varies from person to person.


How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Studies show that people using Weight Watchers for 12 weeks lost about 4.6% of their weight on average.

  • In another study, when compared to other diets, Weight Watchers was in the middle regarding how much weight people lost.
  • Over two years, people on Weight Watchers lost about 5.3% of their starting weight, which is better than those not on the program.

Weight Watchers vs Noom Cost

Weight Watchers is a bit cheaper than noom coming in a $23/month. Noom cost $60 per month. When assessing the value of weight loss programs, the cost is a pivotal factor. Weight Watchers (WW) and Noom offer distinct pricing models that cater to different needs and budgets.

Noom Pricing Structure

Noom provides a straightforward pricing scheme:

  • For a single month, the cost is $60.
  • Opting for a 6-month commitment, the fee is $159.
  • An annual membership is priced at $199, averaging out to approximately $17 monthly.

Weight Watchers Pricing Plans

Weight Watchers offers multiple pricing plans:

  1. The Digital plan is around $23 per month, featuring: App access, Tracking tools, Fitness and recipe resources, Social platform engagement
  2. The Unlimited Workshops + Digital plan comes at $43 monthly, which includes: All digital plan features Unlimited virtual or in-person workshops led by WW coaches

Effectiveness and Suitability

Both programs have proven effective for short-term weight loss. However, there is limited research regarding their long-term impact. Selecting between Noom and Weight Watchers should be based on personal support preferences and lifestyle:

  • Noom appeals to those seeking a self-guided approach with a focus on the psychological aspects of behavior change.
  • Weight Watchers is ideal for individuals who benefit from communal support and enjoy structured food tracking systems.

Making Your Choice

Deciding between Noom and Weight Watchers hinges on one's desired level of independence versus community engagement in their weight loss journey. Each program's unique features cater to various aspects of the weight management experience.


Noom color system

Sample Menus and Food Philosophy

Both Noom and WW guide healthy food choices. Noom's diet plan is structured around its color-coded system, promoting foods that are less calorie-dense and more nutrient-rich. WW, on the other hand, assigns a point value to every food and encourages members to stay within their daily point limit.

Fitness Features

Workout Recommendations

While Noom and WW include workouts on the app, they do so with varying emphasis. Noom integrates fitness as part of its holistic health approach, whereas WW focuses on food tracking and offers fitness as a supplementary component.

App Comparison

Both Noom and WW boast user-friendly apps designed to make weight loss easier. They both offer food tracking features, but Noom's app is more comprehensive in tracking weight changes, food and weight trends, and behavioral coaching.

noom app
Figure 1 - Noom App example images

Support Offered

Each app provides different levels of support:

  • WW grants virtual coaching access and offers additional in-person group support.
  • Noom ensures weekly virtual consultations with a personal coach.

User Reviews and Feedback

User ratings give insight into app satisfaction:

  • On Android, WW scores 4.6/5, while Noom has 4.3/5.
  • iOS ratings are 4.8/5 for WW and 4.7/5 for Noom.
  • Critiques for Noom include low initial calorie goals and the potential misclassification of nutritious foods due to calorie content.
  • WW's point system has been described as complex compared to Noom's straightforward color-coding.

In summary, choosing between Noom and WW depends on personal preference and requirements. For those favoring a structured regimen, Noom may be preferable, while WW might suit those who like a more flexible system. Always consult a healthcare provider before starting a new weight loss program.

Consult Further

For a deeper understanding and personalized advice, it’s wise to consult with health professionals or explore detailed user reviews and comparison articles.

Flexibility and Lifestyle Suitability

Which Fits Best?

The choice between Noom or WW may come down to how each program aligns with your lifestyle. Noom requires a level of commitment to daily logging and psychological exercises, whereas WW provides more dietary flexibility but requires point counting and has a strong emphasis on group meetings.

Long-Term Considerations

When assessing Noom and WW for long-term weight management, sustainability is key. Both programs can be effective, but the best choice depends on which program's philosophy and structure you can adhere to over time.

Behavioral Change Support

Noom places significant emphasis on cognitive-behavioral techniques to promote lifestyle changes. Noom mood and Noom focus programs aim to support mental health and concentration, respectively. WW, while offering access to a coach, leans more on community support through meetings and shared experiences.

Our Thoughts

Though Noom has its strengths, Weight Watchers (WW) often emerges as the preferred choice for sustained weight loss.

WW's long-standing reputation, community support, and well-established program may provide a more effective path for those seeking to shed pounds and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

For many aiming to lose weight, WW’s tried and tested approach could be the deciding factor.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Noom Work Better Than Weight Watchers? How Is Noom Different From Weight Watchers?

Both Noom and Weight Watchers (WW) have been shown to support weight loss. Noom employs psychological approaches, helping users understand the motivations behind their eating habits, while WW focuses on dietary tracking through a points system and offers strong community support.

What Is the Downside of Noom?

Noom's reliance on calorie counting could be problematic, potentially leading to an unhealthy relationship with food. Some users find Noom's calorie recommendations too restrictive, often lower than USDA guidelines, which may not be suitable for all individuals.

What Works Better Than Noom?

Success in weight loss is personal. While Noom may work for some, others may find better results with different programs like Weight Watchers, which combines dietary management with community support.

Does Everyone Get 1200 Calories on Noom?

Noom has been known for setting calorie goals at about 1200 calories, but this is not universal. The app adjusts recommendations based on personal factors, although critiques note that these can still skew towards being too low.

Can You Really Lose Weight With Noom?

Research supports that Noom can lead to weight loss, with a significant portion of users reporting reduced body weight when actively using the app's features.

Is Weight Watchers Worth It in 2023?

The efficacy of Weight Watchers depends on one's goals and commitment to the program. It offers a comprehensive approach with a proven points system and community engagement. So is Weight Watchers worth it? We believe so!

Why Am I Not Losing Weight on Weight Watchers?

Weight loss plateaus on Weight Watchers can occur due to various factors, from inaccurate tracking to underlying health issues. It's advised to seek advice from professionals to address these challenges.

How Many People Fail Weight Watchers?

Specific failure rates for Weight Watchers are not commonly disclosed, suggesting variability across different populations and study designs.

What Is the Controversy With Weight Watchers? What Is the Weight Watchers Scandal?

Current research does not detail any specific controversy or scandal associated with Weight Watchers. Publicly available information focuses on program updates and user experiences.

Is Weight Watchers Outdated?

Despite its longstanding presence, Weight Watchers continues to evolve, integrating the latest research and user feedback into its program, such as launching Sequence, a virtual clinic to expand weight loss options.

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Noom’s 5–minute quiz unlocks a weight loss program customized for you – now with GLP-1 options – so you can manage your health and form habits that last.

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