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Robert J. Hancock, BA, CRA

Robert J. Hancock, BA, CRA

Clinical Research Specialist & Founder | Ageyn

Robert J. Hancock, BA, CRA

Rob Hancock, serves as a distinguished advocate for elevating global healthcare standards through the effective dissemination of evidence-based information. With a tenure spanning over a decade in the domain of clinical research, he has been instrumental in steering multiple research initiatives to uphold the integrity and quality of scientific content. As the founder of Ageyn, Rob has successfully built an interdisciplinary network of globally recognized medical professionals.

This includes medical doctors specializing in various domains, licensed aestheticians, certified dieticians, and preeminent scientists. Under his leadership, Ageyn serves as a repository for cutting-edge research on topics ranging from human physiology and nutrition to aesthetic medicine and cosmetic procedures. Rob's commitment to democratizing healthcare transcends geographical boundaries, as he has dedicated himself to ensuring global access to reliable and up-to-date medical information. He has been lauded for his relentless focus on the verification and validation of the research aggregated by Ageyn, going to great lengths to corroborate the veracity of information presented to the public.

He holds a Bachelor of Communication degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, which lends a business acumen to his scientific interests, making him uniquely positioned to negotiate the complex landscape of healthcare management and policy implementation. Rob believes in the confluence of medical science and community engagement as the cornerstone for advancing global health. His work has caught the attention of numerous healthcare institutions and he is frequently invited to serve as a guest speaker at international conferences, panel discussions, and educational symposiums. To learn more about Rob Hancock and his professional endeavors, you may view his LinkedIn bio.